Composed during the year between Lance Armstrong's fifth and sixth victories in the Tour de France, Yellow Jersey is a short wind sprint for two clarinets. I invented the form of the piece by imagining how the sprint might go:

Massed Start

Cadence I

Breakaway I

Cadence II

Breakaway II

Cadence to coast


Cadence III



Bonk: To exercise to the point of depletion of the body's energy stores, leaving one extremely weak and giddy.

Breakaway: Suddenly riding away from a pack of racers, quickly enough that opponents cannot keep close enough to draft (i.e. riding close to another rider in order to avoid wind resistance).

Cadence: A pedaling rate, measured in revolutions per minute.

Coast: To ride without pedaling.

Massed-Start: A race in which competitors start at the time (as opposed to a time trial).

Yellow Jersey: The jersey worn by the current overall leader during the Tour de France.