AHS Competition

Welcome American Harp Society members and competition performers! You'll find some information on Theme and Deviations on the works page and the piece available in print and as a PDF in our store. Best of luck, and happy performing!



New Works and Premieres!

Congratulations to the Apollo Chamber Players on their new CD, Blurred Boundaries. The new CD begins with Libby's Sorrow Song and Jubillee, which they commissioned as part of their 20x2020 project.
PARMA Recordings released Circle of Friends, a collaborative work between Libby and her dear friend, James Dunham, in addition to several other performers with whom Libby has enjoyed collaborating over the years.
Sarah Porwoll-Lee has also released a CD. In addition to Libby's Bee Navigation and Downwind the Roses in Maine, the CD will also feature works of other Minnesota favorites including Katherine Berman, Joshua Clausen, Daniel Nass, and Ted Moore and the performing talents of Jeremy Johnston, James DeVoll, Ben Osterhouse, Jerrod Wendland, and Ted Moore. Get your copy here!
In the string of CD releases, Oberlin Ensemble Library also released their CD in November, Full Moon in the City, which the college commissioned and premiered in 2013. Find it on Amazon.

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Photo credit: Ann Marsden.

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