"There Was a Little Girl"

One of the most recognized horn melodies of all time, "Tile Eulenspiegel's Merry Pranks" frames this tale of Victorian disobedience.  In this setting, my "horrid little girl" cavorts through the piece spouting blatant parallel fifths and brassy nonsense syllables. Even after her mother scolds her for hooraying her heels, this little girl continues her own merry pranks, unimpressed by adult rules. 

"Little Boy Blue"

To enhance Eugene Field's achingly nostalgic poem of childhood past, I created a simple drum tattoo and  combined it with a horn call reminicent of the first three notes of  "Taps."  Both are a metaphor for the inevitable march of time and the steadfast nature of loyal friends. 

"Try, Try Again"

Anyone who has ever practiced a musical instrument, a sporting endeavor, or anything tedious has emblzoned in their childhood memory the admonition to "try, try again."  As in any practice session, there are a few glorious successes amidst many failed attempts! —

- Libby Larsen