From petroglyphs to graphic novels, people have transmitted their myths and legends through combining visuals with narrative. Consider stained-glass windows, movies, theater, dance, picture books, and comic books. Perhaps comic books, with their exclamatory, punchy dialogue, colorful panels, and illusion of movement, best represent our high-paced, fragmented lifestyle. Plus, they’re fun.

Love Doctor is an adaptation of Doug Wildey’s 1952 comic Art Lund.  Danny, a timid bass player in a 1950’s lounge combo is hopelessly in love with Eve, the combo’s haughty bombshell singer, who hardly notices him. Witnessing this sad situation, Art Lund, famed television and recording star currently plying his trade as the CBS Radio’s Love Doctor intervenes on Danny’s behalf, advising Danny to date Eve and show her his true self.  They do, but Eve still finds Danny to a wimp. When a circus lion shows up at one of the combo’s rehearsals, Danny saves Eve and wins her love!

Toni Lindgren’s animation of the comic book places the listener (that’s you) inside this tale of love and lions, of coward turned hero, of the cold shoulder that warmed. 

My music provides a sonic narrative for the story. The characters are realized by mezzo-soprano, tenor, baritone, and narrator with string quintet and piano.