Blue Third Pieces for treble wind and guitar is a little homage to the interval of the third and its place in the blues. The first piece, Deep Blue, is quiet and lyrical, beginning with a chorale-like motive. Its melody emphasizes the blue third in its lower notes. The title of the second movement is taken from the 1945 jazz piece Salt Peanuts by Dizzy Gillespie and Kenny Clark, which feature the famous "salt peanuts" gesture consisting of a large leap back and forth in combination with a repeated, syncopated rhythm ("salt PEA-nuts, salt PEA-nuts"). This leap is usually that of an octave, although I have used the interval of a seventh (e.g., m. 31 and m. 51). An homage to Ray Charles, one of my musical heroes, is woven into the guitar writing of this movement beginning at m. 78.