A Letter From Libby

Dear Students, Thank you very much for visiting my web site! I have received many letters over the years from elementary school students, and I have saved every one. I love getting them. Many students ask me questions about my life and work.

I was born in 1950 on Christmas Eve, in Wilmington, Delaware. My family moved to Minnesota when I was three years old. I have four sisters. I grew up in Minneapolis where I still live with my husband, and our dog Bodie. I went to Christ the King Grade School, Southwest High School and the University of Minnesota. Besides composing, I love to ski, run marathons, sailboat, travel and read.

I started composing music when I was in 6th grade. I have always loved sound and when I was young, I just naturally liked to organize sound and make it into pieces of music. My music teacher helped me learn how to write down the music I made up which is very important. A composer needs to know how to write music down as well as make a simple recording of the music so that other people can perform it too!

In grade school, I sang in a choir and I played the piano. Now I play not only the piano and sing, but I also play the electric bass, the synthesizer and the harmonica. I also love to dance.

In college, I learned how to compose music for all the instruments of the orchestra. College also gave me the opportunity to learn how to notate music well and how to work in a recording studio. I made many good friends in college, most of whom are musicians. I compose pieces for many of them and for new friends I have made over the years.

My days now are spent composing music and conducting the business which goes with composing, including going to rehearsals, working with my publisher, making telephone calls, writing letters and meetings. As I write this letter, I realize that I have been composing music for nearly 50 years!

I feel I am a very lucky person. I love to compose music. And like my favorite composers Hector Berlioz, J.S. Bach, Chuck Berry, and Big MaMa Thornton, and many other composers, I chose to make composing my work. It is very hard work. I enjoy every moment of it.

I hope you all will have fun with music and make it part of your lives forever. Yours Truly, Libby Larsen

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