Grand Larsen-y: Vocal Music of Libby Larsen

Performer: Benton Hess, piano;
Terry Rhodes, soprano;
Ellen Williams, mezzo-soprano;
Steven Reiss, cello

Track listing:

Margaret Songs
1. Bright Rails
2. So Little There
3. Beneath the Hawthorne Tree

4. Duet from Eric Hermannson's Soul

Beloved, Thou Hast Brought Me Many Flowers
5. Beloved, thou hast brought me many flowers
6. Liebeslied
7. Do you know
8. White world
9. Music, when soft voices die
10. Go from me

Chanting to Paradise
11. Bind me - I still can sing
12. In this short life
13. By a departing light
14. Out of sight?

15. The Color Duet from Dreaming Blue

Hell's Belles
16. There was a little girl
17. Footight wisdom
18. When I am an old woman
19. The magic city golden transit

20. Duet form Mrs. Dalloway

Songs from Letters
21. So like your father
22. He never misses
23. A man can love two women
24. A working woman
25. All I have

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