I Just Lightning
Performer: Las Cantantes, Bradley Ellingboe, conductor

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Hey You (Jack's Valentine)

Today This Spring

Track listing:
1. I Just Lightning
2. A "how we met" story
3. Hey You (Jack's Valentine)
4. Canticle of the Sun
5. Today This Spring
6. She Piped for Us
7. Reading of poem "If I Can Stop One Heart from Breaking"
8. If I Can Stop One Heart from Breaking
9. Witches Trio
10. Stepping Westward
11. Refuge
12. Canticle of Mary
13. Touch the Air Softly
From the liner notes:
This is a recording of music for women's chorus in storytelling form. During the first minute of this CD you will undoubtedly notice a mix of choral and non-choral voices. We wanted to find the dramatic storytelling power in the music and create a CD that is more that the sum of its parts: music, musicians, people and words. Every selection on the CD is a story, and every story is meant to connect to our lives through the combination of the sung, written and spoken word....we hope we have made a disc that is as engrossing in tis storytelling content as it is electrifying in its music making. — Libby Larsen