"She's the only English-speaking composer since Benjamin Britten who matches great verse with fine music so intelligently and expressively."
- USA Today

"... the highlight of the program was Libby Larsen's 'Parachute Dancing' (1984), a colorful, evocative work full of vitality and a masterpiece of the art of orchestration."
- The Washington Post

"...marvelous songs of Libby Larsen, who may be our finest living composer of art songs."
- NATS Journal

"The music remains unremittingly tonal, in a liberated sort of way, and Larsen's harmonic and instrumental inventiveness reinforces that exceptional lyricism."
- Musical America

"... her use of synthesized sound points to options that could help opera survive into the 21st century."
- USA Today

"Libby Larsen has come up with a way to make contemporary opera both musically current and accessible to the average audience."
- The Wall Street Journal

"[Larsen's] ... clear textures, easily absorbed rhythms and appealing melodic contours make singing seem the most natural expression imaginable."
- The Philadelphia Inquirer

"Larsen is a mistress of orchestration..."
- The Times Union

"... a simple but intriguingly layered score, a melange of hymns and popular tunes, contemporary dissonances and electric insertion."
- San Francisco Chronicle

"Larsen's 'Parachute Dancing' again proved her ability to speak freshly and persuasively through an accessible but neoclassical idiom."
- Los Angeles Times

"The highlight of the recital however was a fascinating and highly atmospheric composition especially written for the performers by the Minnesota Orchestra's cited composer in residence, Libby Larsen. 'Up Where the Air Gets Thin' demonstrates the composer's intimate knowledge of the special strengths of her performers."
- South China Post

"... the cycle is tightly and knowingly constructed, making deft use of recurring themes and contrasting episodes."
- Minneapolis Star and Tribune

"'Ulloa's Ring' for flute and piano by Libby Larsen is a difficult and adventurous piece, full of ideas, gestures and coloristic tricks."
- The Washington Post


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