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Performed By: Ancia Saxophone Quartet

  1. Columbia/Willamette/Snake Rivers
  2. Yangtze/Jailing/Chongquig Province
  3. Rhine, Mosel, Ill (L'Homme Arme Variations)
  4. Ohio, Mississippi, Missouri

Saxophone Quartet

Duration: 14 minutes

Commissioned By:
Confluence was made possible by the generous contributions of: Heather Barringer, Mike and Christie Frazier, Andrea Gair, Mike Gair, Larry and Joyce Hutton, Ann and Ken Janda, Jill Dawe and Sarah Johnson, Marilyn Knudsen and Kirk Johnson, Rita Knudson, Doug and Julie Kuehn, Annette and Bob Langeford, Connie Larson, Alice and Richard Liddle, Margaret-Anne Milne, Brian and Ruthie Nowak, Pat O'Keefe, Dave Patterson and Polly Roach, George Runyan, Michael Stiegler and Sonja Savre, Steve and Nancy Silcox, Tina Thomas, Terry and Paula Vestermark, Christine Kimber and Lori Walker, Mark Warnken, David and Janice Weller, and The Schubert Club.

July 2015, Ancia Quartet

Available From:
Libby Larsen Publishing

Composer's Notes:

When the Ancia Saxophone Quartet and I began to think about a composition which would receive its premier at the 2015 World Saxophone Congress in Strasbourg, France, an image of Strasbourg and the Ill rivers which flow through it appeared in my head. That lead to thinking about the confluence of the Ill with the Rhine and the Rhine with the Mosel and I began to think about the idea of a work with confluences of rivers as its inspiration. These thoughts became the basis for my piece, Confluence. One of the major themes of my work over the past 40 years is the relationship of human beings and the natural world. Whenever I can, I use the opportunity to compose music which moves performers and listeners to think about themselves in relation to the Earth and their responsibilities as stewards of sustainability.

Great and ancient confluences have sustained humanity for over 600,000 years. Now, many of the great confluences are polluted to the point of endangering humanity and all the species of plants and animals which depend on the water they provide. China's Yangtze, India's Ganges and the United States’ and Mexico's Rio Grande are some examples of major, life sustaining rivers now polluted to the point of endangering every living thing that uses the water.

Confluence is a four movement work inspired by four confluences: USA: Columbia, Willamette and Snake; China: Yangtze, Jialing and Chongquig; Germany: Rhine, Mosel, Ill; USA: Mississippi, Ohio and Missouri.