An Uninterrupted Suite

Trumpet, 2 percussion (harmonica (2), triangle, suspended cymbal (2 high, medium, 2 low), ride cymbal, vibraphone, marimba, temple blocks, wood blocks (2), tam-tam, orchestra bells, tambourine, hi-hat, snare drum, tom-toms (high, medium, low), kick drum, tubular bells (E, G, D, C))

Duration: 9 minutes

Commissioned By:
The International Women's Brass Conference at Western Michigan University, June 6-10, 2012

June 8, 2012 by Karin Bliznik, trumpet, and Judy Moonert and Greg Secor, percussion, at the International Women�s Brass Conference at Western Michigan University

Available From:
Libby Larsen Publishing

Composer's Notes:
Ridge-Runner, for Bb trumpet and percussion, is an uninterrupted suite in five sections. The term “ridge-runner” is American slang referring loosely to a number of characters—the southern farmer, the mountaineer, the moonshiner—people of wit, perseverance, and self-reliance, people who don’t mind dealing with the elements. It struck me that solo trumpet performers are akin to ridge-runners in their spirit, energy and daring. So I set about composing this piece by basing its personality in abstract vernacular music—banjo picking, ballad, jazz, harmonica—and treating it as a serious concert piece. My aim is to bring the experience of ridge-running into the concert hall.
— Libby Larsen

The original version of Ridge-Runner (for trumpet and percussion) is available as a printed copy or PDF. There is also a piano version, also available as a printed copy or PDF.
Score Errata:
Mvt I, m. 42, trumpet: add "senza sord."
Mvt 1, m. 71, b3 (trumpet)-first three 16th notes should be open (0)