Listen: II.

Listen: IV.

Performed By: Katherine Borst Jones, flute; Mary Harris, viola and Jeanne Norton, harp

I. Slowly, Extremely Free II. III. Quietly Throughout IV.

Flute, viola, harp

Duration: 15 minutes

February 13, 2006 by Katherine Borst Jones, Marry Harris, and Jeanne Norton at Weigel Hall, Ohio State University

Available From:
Libby Larsen Publishing

Composer's Notes:
In Trio in Four Movements, I set about to use clarity of gesture and economy of texture to create an elegant vehicle for lyric expression. Each of the four movements explores this idea in its own way. In Movement I, I gave the flute long, fluid, lines, free of metric intervention supported by the viola and harp. Further into the movement, the three instruments engage in a four measure dialogue, and then return to the previous texture to complete the movement. Doily texture is my exploration in the brief (1 minute, 15 seconds) Movement II. Its agile, intertwined, filament-like musical effect is contrasted by Movement III. Pulse—calm, quiet, flowing— lies at the heart of Movement III. Lyrical lines are presented in the instruments, sometimes solo, sometimes unison, sometimes in moments of imitation. Movement IV uses dart gestures, articulation, quicksilver and air cadence to create its effect.
— Libby Larsen