Flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, violin, viola (featured), cello, piano

Duration: 12 minutes

Commissioned By:
Robert Levine, viola

June, 1981 by the Grand Teton Festival Players at the Grand Teton Music Festival, Grand Teton, WY

Available From:
ECS Publishing, distributed by Canticle Distributing. Parts available to rent. Recordings available: "180 Degrees from Ordinary" Minnesota Contemporary Ensemble Innova Recordings American Composers Forum 332 Minnesota Street Ste. E-145 St. Paul, MN 55101-1300 651/228-1407

Composer's Notes:
A black roller is a burning wind and dust storm often experienced in the western United States. Stories of black rollers tell of men and women driven to desperation by the parching of their skin, throats and noses. The music for this composition takes the point of view of a group of people watching the approach of a black roller, feeling the deathly stillness, then the light rippling wind, then the storm which engulfs them as they struggle to hold themselves and their possessions against the wind, and finally the aftermath of the storm.
Black Roller was commissioned by Robert Levine, principal violist of the St. Paul Chamber Orchestra and was premiered at the Grand Teton Music Festival, Grand Teton, Wyoming, June 1981.
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Score Errata:
First full measure - beat 5 - the figure should be 16th-16th rest-2