Listen: Corker

Performed By: Caroline Hartig, clarinet; and Robert Adney, percussion

Clarinet, percussion (marimba, suspended cymbal, tom-toms (high, medium, low), snare drum, hi-hat)

Duration: 7 minutes

Commissioned By:
Jan Scott and W. Michael Hooley

Jan Scott, clarinet, and W. Michael Hooley, percussion

Available From:
ECS Publishing, distributed by Canticle Distributing

Composer's Notes:
Corker: “someone or something of astonishing or excellent quality”
— Random House Dictionary
My inspiration for the work is drawn from 1940’s popular musical language, which I love, because the performers are spectacular musicians and because it speaks the rhythms and harmonic language of contemporary American English.
— Libby Larsen

Score Errata:
- m. 196, clarinet, bt 2 printed [D C# C A] should read [D C C# A]
- m. 112, clarinet first note should be G#