Performed By: Lisa Verzella, trumpet

Solo C trumpet

Duration: 2 minutes

December 11, 1994 by Lynn Erickson at the Women's Sports Pavillon, University of Minnesota

Available From:
Oxford University Press, distributed by Goodmusic Publishing

Composer's Notes:
I composed Fanfare for the Women to celebrate the opening of the University of Minnesota’s Women’s Sports Pavilion. At the premiere the trumpet soloist stood alone, in the center of the basketball court. The music is composed to create subtle layers of tonality, which overlap in space, especially a vast space with a long acoustic delay. It was extraordinary to watch and hear the solo effort of this fine musician as she spun the sound into time and space. At the end of the ceremony, the manuscript for Fanfare for the Women was placed in a time capsule and sealed in the cornerstone of the building.

— Libby Larsen
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