Solo bassoon

Duration: 5 minutes

Commissioned By:
Lynn Moran Riccardo

1977 by Lynn Moran Riccardo, Juilliard School of Music, New York, NY

Available From:
ECS Publishing, distributed by Canticle Distributing

Composer's Notes:
Jazz Variations is the first piece I composed with an ear towards American jazz and how it might find its way into my definition of concert music. I composed the work in 1977 while I was in graduate school and beginning to search for my own compositional voice. In the Jazz Variations, I chiefly wanted to explore the rhythms of jazz. I was not interested in flatted thirds or sixths, nor was I really interested in the harmonic progressions of jazz. I was under the influence of John Coltrane's sense of rhythmic flow and chose to try to explore that in a small way in this work. The work was composed for Lynn Moran Riccardo, for her senior recital at Juilliard.
— Libby Larsen
Performance Note: All accidentals apply only to the measure and the octave.

Score Errata:
- m 43, beat 4: D-natural should be D-flat
- All accidentals apply only to the octave within the measure.