Performed By: Caroline Hartig, clarinet

I. With Shadows II. Eight to the Bar III. In Ten Slow Circles IV. Flat Out

Solo clarinet

Duration: 13 minutes

Commissioned By:
Caroline Hartig, clarinet

March 11, 1994 by Caroline Hartig, clarinet, at Weill Recital Hall of Carnegie Hall, New York, NY

Available From:
Oxford University Press, distributed by C.F. Peters. Recordings available: Dancing Solo: Clarinet Chamber Music of Libby Larsen Caroline Hartig, clarinet Innova Recordings ACF 002 American Composer Forum

Composer's Notes:
Dancing alone—improvising with the shadows, the air, on an inner beat, upon a fleeting feeling—has always enthralled me. With Dancing Solo, I am making a dance for clarinet, a dance composed of color, rhythm, beat implied and explicit, and breath: the music is the dance and the dance is the music.
Dancing Solo was commissioned by clarinetist Caroline Hartig, who gave the first performance at Weill Recital Hall of Carnegie Hall, New York, on 11 March 1994.
— Libby Larsen

Available on several recordings. Including Licorice Stick:
Score Errata:
(Oxford University Press, Cat. No. 97.311)

General: accidentals carry through the measure, but hold only in octave written

"I. with shadows"
- page 3, first system: second to last quarter note should be E-flat (accidental carries)
- page 3, fourth system, first measure: trill to g-natural

"II. eight to the bar"
- page 5, second system: score is correct as printed. It should not match p. 4, fifth system.

"IV. flat out"
- page 8, third system, first measure: last note of beat one and first note of beat two are both e-natural
- page 8, fourth system, first measure, fourth beat: trill d-sharp to d-natural
- page 11, seventh system, second measure, second beat: low d is too low. Play up an octave.
- page 12, system 2-3: all beat one A-naturals should be A-flats