Performed By: Tim Deighton, viola; Carrie Koffman, saxophone

I. Rapidfire II. Traige III. Rapidfire with Bodran

Alto saxophone, cello (alternate viola part in place of cello available from LL.)

Duration: 13 minutes

Commissioned By:
Paul Bro, Kurt Fowler, and The University Arts Endowment Committee, Indiana State University

November 1, 2002 by Paul Bro, saxophone, and Kurt Fowler, cello, at the 36th Annual Contemporary Music Festival, Indiana State University

Available From:
Oxford University Press, distributed by Goodmusic Publishing.

Composer's Notes:
Bid Call resulted from the investigation that saxophonist Paul Bro and I have of finding musical form in American language traditions. In the last piece that Paul and I collaborated on, Holy Roller, we looked at the revivalist preacher's musical form. However, I had been studying auctioneering patter for a long time, and it suddenly dawned on me that our new piece should explore auctioneering patter. In the auction business they call it “bid call” and people train a long time to develop their own patter and style. So, this piece is all about auctioneers’ styles, pitches, timing, and complex and wonderful rhythms.

I would like to thank Dale Newton for his creativity and guidance in developing new techniques for the violoncello.
— Libby Larsen

Additional Information:
The recording of the viola version is available on the CD The Irrelevants.

Score Errata:
I, m. 39 (Alto Sax): missing two barlines

II, system 5 (Alto Sax): after the descending 64th notes the unmarked F is to be played as a F-sharp

III, mm. 53, 58, 62 (Alto Sax): each unmarked A is to be played as an A-flat