Performed By: The Scott/Garrison Duo (Shannon Scott, clarinet; Leonard Garrison, flute); Jay Mauchley, piano

I. Forward Six and Fall Back Eight II. Divide the Ring III. Varsouvianna IV. Rattlesnake Twist

Flute, clarinet, piano

Duration: 11 minutes

Commissioned By:
Flute/Clarinet Duos Consortium (FCDC)

August, 2001 by Helen Ann Shanley, flute; Richard Shanley, clarinet; and Brian Marks, piano; at the National Flute Association Convention, Dallas, TX

Available From:
Oxford University Press, distributed by Goodmusic Publishing

Composer's Notes:
Barn Dances is a set of four abstract pieces for flute, clarinet and piano. Each piece draws its title from the name of a particular dance step used in cowboy dances. Taking the name of the step as the point of departure, my idea was to take a flight of fancy in each movement and to create the musical equivalent of a character drawing.

— Libby Larsen

Additional Information:
Movement II is an homage to Gene Autry. For an example of "Cowboy Swing," listen to the music of Gene Autry, specifically "Don't Fence Me In" (posted below). The audio of this video is the property of Sony Entertainment (no copyright infringement intended).

Score Errata:
Movement II, measure 37:
-m. 35, RH beat 6 should be E natural.
-The middle note in the LH on the first beat should be C-natural.
-The first RH upper note should be D.
-m. 52, LH last note of beat 2 should be E natural.