Listen: I. Glint

Listen: II. Glow

Listen: III. Glide

Performed By: the Monarch Brass Quintet

I. Glint II. Glow III. Glide

Brass choir: 2 trumpets, 4 horns, 3 trombones, 2 tubas

Duration: 11 minutes

Commissioned By:
Monarch Brass, Marin Alsop, conductor

July 2, 1996 by the Monarch Brass Ensemble, Marin Alsop, conductor, at Summerwind Festival, University of Oklahoma, Norman, OK

Available From:
Oxford University Press, rented by C.F. Peters

Composer's Notes:
In Brass Flight I imagined a large, graceful brass butterfly as it swoops, dips and glides in the sun. Each of the three movements evokes a particular aspect of this fantastical creature. Glint suggests light glinting from its wings, while Glow explores in melody the beauty of a butterfly in stillness. Glide evokes the beating and gliding of the butterfly in flight. Brass Flight was commissioned for the inaugural concert of the Monarch Brass, Marin Alsop, conductor, and was premiered at the Summerwind Festival, University of Oklahoma, Norman, Oklahoma, on July 2, 1996.
— Libby Larsen
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