Performed By: Kerry Jennings, tenor; Amanda Hopson, piano

I. Landscape - From the Train II. Antonia III. Landscape II - Winter IV. The Hired Girls V. Landscape III - Prairie Spring VI. Antonia in the Field... VII. Landscape IV - Sunset

High voice (soprano or tenor), piano

Text: Willa Cather, Libby Larsen

Duration: 16 minutes 30 seconds

Commissioned By:
Jane Dressler, soprano, Kent State University, with funding from the National Endowment for the Arts, the Ohio Arts Council and the Nebraska Arts Council

June 19, 2000 by Jane Dressler, soprano, and Linda Jones, piano, Brownville, NE

Available From:
Oxford University Press, distributed by Edition Peters

Composer's Notes:

A recording is available for purchase with the album, Lift Me into Heaven Slowly, or seperately:

Score Errata:
I. Landscape - From the Train
- m.23, RH piano: the "and" of beat 1 should be top-space E-flat

III. Landscape II - Winter
- m.18, RH piano: the F should be F#
- m.27, RH piano: place mid-measure treble clef before beat 3, as in m.28

VI. Antonia in the Field
-m.33, RH piano: the G should be Gb