Performed By: Mary Kay Geston, soprano, and the Northwestern College Orchestra, David Kozamchak, conductor

I. Bucking Bronco II. Lift Me Into Heaven Slowly III. Billy the Kid

Soprano, piano

Text: "Bucking Bronco" by Belle Starr, "Sufi Sam Christian" (Lift Me Into Heaven Slowly) by Robert Creeley, "Billy the Kid" anonymous

Duration: 7 minutes

Available From:
ECS Publishing, distributed by Canticle Distributing

Composer's Notes:
The Cowboy Songs are three character songs. Two of the texts are drawn from cowboy/girl poetry, “Bucking Bronco” with a text by Belle Starr and “Billy the Kid” with an anonymous text. The third, “Lift me into Heaven Slowly” is the retitled “Sufi Sam Christian” of American poet Robert Creeley.
I wrote these songs for Jeannie Brindley Barnett to sing for a concert in 1979.  The 3 poems made a nice set, suggesting a narrative without specifying one, giving me the opportunity to begin working with American English as a source of musical syntax and shape.
— Libby Larsen
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