Performed By: Benita Valente, soprano; the Scottish Chamber Orchestra, Joel Revzen, conductor

I. Invocation (A Summoning) II. The Snow Light (A Rapture) III. A Light Left On (A Quietude) IV. The Fear of Angels (A Beatitude) V. Evening Walk in France (A Gymnopedie)

Soprano, chamber ensemble: English horn, harp, percussion (marimba, vibraphone), 2 violins, viola, cello, double bass

Text: May Sarton

Duration: 19 minutes

Commissioned By:
Benita Valente, The Network for New Music

April 17, 1998 by Benita Valente, soprano, and Network for New Music Ensemble, Jan Krzywicki, conductor, in Philadelphia, PA

Available From:
Oxford University Press, rented by C.F. Peters

Composer's Notes:
"Songs of Light and Love" sets five poems by May Sarton whose poetry addresses the inner landscapes of human existence. Each of the five poems explores love and commitment with an almost sacred sense of wonder. And each also uses the metaphor of light ever-present even in darkness. In each piece light illuminates love and love is in turn accepted.
Oxford University Press
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