DE TODA LA ETERNIDAD - Soprano, piano (or wind ensemble); Sor Juana Inez de la Cruz, text; 15 minutes; 2003/2005 (LLP)
ELEANOR ROOSEVELT - SATB chorus, mezzo-soprano, speaker, clarinet, violoncello, piano, percussion played by chorus; Sally M. Gall, text; 45 minutes; 1996 (OUP)
MARY CASSATT - Mezzo-soprano, trombone, orchestra, and slides; historical narrative and letters of Mary Cassatt, text; 30 minutes; 1994 (OUP)
MOABIT SONNETS, THE - 2 sopranos, tenor, bass, chamber orchestra; Albrecht Haushofer, text; translated by M.D. Herter Norton; 29 minutes; 2011 (LLP)
NOTES SLIPPED UNDER THE DOOR - Soprano, flute, orchestra; Eugenia Zukerman, text; 15 minutes; 2001 (OUP)
RASPBERRY ISLAND DREAMING - Mezzo-soprano, orchestra; Joyce Sutphen and Patricia Hampl, text; 15 minutes; 2002 (LLP)
SONGS FROM LETTERS - Soprano, piano (or chamber ensemble); Calamity Jane, text; 13 minutes; 1989 (OUP)
SONGS OF LIGHT AND LOVE - Soprano, chamber ensemble; May Sarton, text; 19 minutes; 1998 (OUP)
THIS UNBEARABLE STILLNESS: SONGS FROM THE BALCONY (ORCHESTRA VERSION) - Soprano, percussion, celeste, and string orchestra; Dima Hilal and Sekeena Shaben, text; 17 minutes; 2008 (LLP)