ANT AND THE GRASSHOPPER, THE - (extracted from "Late in the Day") - Soprano, piano; Jeanne Shepard, text; 1 minute 30 seconds; 1998 (LLP)
APPLE'S SONG, THE - Baritone or mezzo-soprano, piano; Edwin Morgan, text; 3 minutes; 2001 (LLP)
BATTLE REPORT - For Tenor and Piano; text by Bob Kaufman; 2 and 1/2 minutes; 2018
BEFORE WINTER - Baritone, organ; Arthur Mampel, text; 2 minutes; 1982 (ECS)
BELOVED, THOU HAST BROUGHT ME MANY FLOWERS - Mezzo-soprano, cello, piano; Elizabeth Barrett Browning, Hilde Doolittle, Rainer Maria Rilke, and Percy Bysshe Shelley, text; 20 minutes; 1994 (OUP)
BIRTH PROJECT, THE - Sopranos, piano; A. E. Stallings, Cheryl Strayed, Lauren Groff, Akiko Yosano, Gina Zucker, Phoebe Damrosch, Heidi Pitlor,texts; 35 minutes; 2015 (LLP)
BUFFALO BILL'S - Baritone, piano; e.e. cummings, text; 1 minute; 2012 (LLP)
CENTER FIELD GIRL - Soprano, flute, piano; Michele Antonello Frisch, text; 3 minutes 30 seconds; 2007 (LLP)
CHAIN OF HOPE - SATB chorus, baritone, actress, piano; various letters and writings regarding Frederick Douglass, text; libretto by Libby Larsen, Kathleen Holt, and Jeanne Soderberg; 15 minutes; 2010 (LLP)
CHANTING TO PARADISE - Soprano, piano; Emily Dickinson, text; 7 minutes; 1997 (LLP)
COWBOY SONGS - Soprano, orchestra; Anonymous, Belle Star, Robert Creeley, text; 7 minutes; 1979 (ECS)
DE TODA LA ETERNIDAD - Soprano, piano (or wind ensemble); Sor Juana Inez de la Cruz, text; 15 minutes; 2003/2005 (LLP)
DONAL OGE - Soprano, piano; Anonymous translated by Lady Augusta Gregory, text; 5 minutes; 2011 (LLP)
ELEANOR ROOSEVELT - SATB chorus, mezzo-soprano, speaker, clarinet, violoncello, piano, percussion played by chorus; Sally M. Gall, text; 45 minutes; 1996 (OUP)
FAR IN A WESTERN BROOKLAND - Tenor, piano; A.E. Housman, text; 2 minutes 30 seconds; 2008 (LLP)
FERN HILL - Solo tenor; Dylan Thomas, text; 2004 (LLP)
FLOWER, THE - Baritone, piano; George Herbert, text; 4 minutes 30 seconds; 2009 (LLP)
FORGET-ME-NOT - Duet: soprano, tenor, piano; anonymous author from Cupples & Leon Given book of poems, text; 3 minutes; 2008 (LLP)
HESTENE STAAR I REGNET - Voice, Hardanger Fiddle, and Piano; 2 minutes 45 seconds; 2015 (LLP)
HOW LOVELY ARE THY HOLY GROVES - (See Missa Gaia: "Agnus Dei/Sanctus") - Soprano, piano; Chinook Psalter, text; 1992 (ECS)
I CRIED UNTO GOD - Tenor, piano; Psalms 77:1, 67, 28:7, text; 4 minutes; 2011 (LLP)
I LOVE YOU THROUGH THE DAYTIMES - Baritone, piano; ancient Egyptian, text; 3 minutes; 2003 (LLP)
JAZZ AT THE INTERGALACTIC NIGHTCLUB - Tenor or Mezzo-Soprano, piano; Thomas McGrath, text; 4 minutes; 2001 (LLP)
LATE IN THE DAY - Soprano, piano; Jeanne Shepard, text; 7 minutes; 1998 (LLP)
Lewis Carroll Songs - Soprano, mezzo-soprano, baritone, and piano; Lewis Carroll, text; 6 minutes; 2014 (LLP)
LORD, MAKE ME AN INSTRUMENT - Tenor, piano; St. Francis of Assisi, text; 3 minutes (LLP)
LOVE AFTER 1950 - Mezzo-soprano, piano; Rita Dove, Julie Kane, Kathryn Daniels, Liz Lochhead, and Muriel Rukeyser, text; 15 minutes; 2000 (OUP)
LOVE DOCTOR - Mezzo-soprano, tenor, baritone, piano, animated comic book; Doug Wildey, text; 2017 (LLP)
LULLAY OF THE NATIVITY - High voice; anonymous 15th century author, text; 1 minute 30 seconds; 2012 (LLP)
MAGDALENE, THE - Soprano, piano; Pistis Sophia, text; 11 minutes; 2013 (LLP)
MARGARET SONGS - Soprano, piano; Willa Cather and Libby Larsen, texts; 9 minutes; 1996 (OUP)
MARY CASSATT - Mezzo-soprano, trombone, orchestra, and slides; historical narrative and letters of Mary Cassatt, text; 30 minutes; 1994 (OUP)
ME (BRENDA UELAND) - Soprano, piano; Brenda Ueland, text; 37 minutes; 1987 (OUP)
MOABIT SONNETS, THE - 2 sopranos, tenor, bass, chamber orchestra; Albrecht Haushofer, text; translated by M.D. Herter Norton; 29 minutes; 2011 (LLP)
MY ANTONIA - High voice, piano; Willa Cather, text; 16 minutes 30 seconds; 2000 (OUP)
MY CANDLE BURNS - High voice, piano; Edna St. Vincent Millay, text; 2 minutes; 2012 (LLP)
NOTES SLIPPED UNDER THE DOOR - Soprano, flute, orchestra; Eugenia Zukerman, text; 15 minutes; 2001 (OUP)
PECULIAR CASE OF DR. H.H. HOLMES, THE - Baritone, prepared piano; H.H. Holmes, aka Herman Mudgett, text; 18 minutes; 2010 (LLP)
PERINEO - Baritone, piano; Roberto Echavarren, text; 5 minutes; 1993 (ECS)
PHARAOH SONGS - Baritone, piano; John L. Foster, translation, ancient Egyptian texts; 2017 (LLP)
PIG IN THE HOUSE, A - Tenor, piano; Alvin Greenberg, text; 3 minutes; 2004 (LLP)
QUIET SONG, A - Baritone, piano; Brenda Ueland, text; 2 minutes; 2007 (LLP)
RASPBERRY ISLAND DREAMING - Mezzo-soprano, orchestra; Joyce Sutphen and Patricia Hampl, text; 15 minutes; 2002 (LLP)
RASPBERRY ISLAND DREAMING (PIANO VERSION) - Mezzo soprano, piano; Joyce Sutphen and Patricia Hampl, text; 15 minutes; 2002 (LLP)
RECUERDO - For Baritone and Piano; text by Edna St. Vincent Millay; 2 and 1/2 minutes; 2017.
RIGHTY, 1966 - Soprano, flute, piano; Michele Antonello Frisch, text; 2 minutes 30 seconds; 2007 (LLP)
SAINTS WITHOUT TEARS - Soprano, flute, bassoon; Phyllis McGinley, text; 12 minutes; 1976 (LLP)
SCOTT JOPLIN - for Baritone and Piano; text by Bill Holm; from "Songs from the Intergalactic Nightclub".
SELECTED POEMS OF RAINER MARIA RILKE - Soprano, flute, guitar, harp; Rainer Maria Rilke, text; 2005 (LLP)
SIFTING THROUGH THE RUINS - Mezzo-soprano, viola, and piano; anon., Alicia Vasquez, Martha Cooper, and Ted Berrigan, texts; 18 mins.; 2005 (LLP)
SONG - For Solo Soprano; Text by e.e. cummings; 2 and 1/2 minutes; 2009.
SONGS FROM LETTERS - Soprano, piano (or chamber ensemble); Calamity Jane, text; 13 minutes; 1989 (OUP)
SONGS OF LIGHT AND LOVE - Soprano, chamber ensemble; May Sarton, text; 19 minutes; 1998 (OUP)
SONNETS FROM THE PORTUGUESE - Soprano, chamber ensemble (or piano); Elizabeth Barrett Browning, text; 25 minutes; 1991 (OUP)
TAKE - Soprano, piano; Margaret Atwood, text; 5 minutes; 2006 (LLP)
THE FANTOM OF THE FAIR - Male voice, female voice, violin, cello, animated comic book; Paul Gustavson, text; 8 minutes; 2014 (LLP)
THIS UNBEARABLE STILLNESS: SONGS FROM THE BALCONY - Soprano, string quartet; Dima Hilal and Sekeena Shaben, text; 17 minutes; 2003 (LLP)
THIS UNBEARABLE STILLNESS: SONGS FROM THE BALCONY (ORCHESTRA VERSION) - Soprano, percussion, celeste, and string orchestra; Dima Hilal and Sekeena Shaben, text; 17 minutes; 2008 (LLP)
THREE LOVE SONGS - Baritone, piano; Pablo Neruda, text; 9 minutes; 2011 (LLP)
TRY ME, GOOD KING: LAST WORDS OF THE WIVES OF HENRY VIII - Soprano, piano; Katherine of Aragon, Anne Boleyn, Jane Seymour, Anne of Cleves, Katherine Howard and Katherine Parr, text; 15 minutes; 2000 (OUP)
TURN, TURN - Baritone, piano; Bethany Ringdal, text; 5 minutes; 2011 (LLP)
VERSE RECORD OF MY PEONIES, A - Tenor, tape, percussion; Masaoka Shiki, text; 7 minutes; 1980 (LLP)
WHEN I AM AN OLD WOMAN - Soprano, piano; Jenny Joseph, text; 3 minutes; 1990 (ECS)
WITHIN THE CIRCLES OF OUR LIVES - Soprano, baritone, wind ensemble; Wendell Berry, text; 5 minutes; 2007 (ECS)
Wolf Song in Los Angeles - Mezzo-Soprano - Adapted from Tenor Version. For Mezzo-Soprano and Piano; text by Bill Holm; 3 minutes; 2017.
Wolf Song in Los Angeles - Tenor - For Tenor and Piano; text by Bill Holm; 3 minutes; 2017.