SATB chorus; prerecorded seven-track solo voice with sitar, vibraphone, and bells; laptop computer plus speakers

Text: Traditional

Duration: 7 minutes

Available From:
Libby Larsen Publishing

Composer's Notes:
The music for Choir One is a collaborative effort of a tenor, percussionist, sitarist, computer programmer, two sound engineers and me. The music for Choir Two is composed solely by me.

Conductor Note:
Since the prerecorded material is set in shape, time and dynamics, your role as conductor is to bring freedom and flexibility – human breath and spirit, immediacy, fragility, even fallibility into relief against the technical precision of the nine-note ostinato pattern. My aim is for the choir to revel in the freedom of human breath, phrasing and timing. Rhythmic precision with the ostinato pattern is not the goal.  Feel free to shape the choir’s dynamics and phrasing.

You should determine the best speaker placement for your own performance space and conception of the piece. I prefer that the speakers be placed on the risers amidst the choir. Your concept may be different (i.e. the Archangel’s sound comes from above the choir). Speaker positioning should fit your interpretation of the piece.

Performance Notes:
Choir One is prerecorded and mixed with vibraphone, sitar and bells and performed through a laptop computer and speakers.  Choir Two is a traditional SATB choir and is performed live.
Download and install the program “O Magnum Mysterium” from http://bit.ly/sptPrj  The program  is designed for use both in rehearsals and in performance.  It provides you with:

Rehearsal Tools:
       1.  Rehearsal letters designed as recallable rehearsal cues.
       2.  Ostinato track with adjustable volume control.
       3.  Metronome track with adjustable volume control.
       4.  “Mute Voice” option – mutes prerecorded voices.
       5.  Live Bells option – mutes the chime track so this track can be performed live.
Additional Controls:
       A)   Adjustable reverberation for the playback voices.
       B)   Equalization controls for speaker customization.

Purchase the choral score as a printed score or PDF.

Purchase the full score as a printed score or PDF.

Download the program needed to perform the sound.