SSAATTBB chorus, piano

Text: Louis Armstrong

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Oxford University Press, distributed by Goodmusic Publishing

Composer's Notes:
Following a tour of Europe in 1935, Louis Armstrong (1900-1971) had this to say:

"When we got back to London, I went over to have a look at Paris and take a little rest for a week before I had to get back home. I landed in New York the day President Roosevelt was elected, November 2, 1932. It had been a short trip but I got home thinking swing music was a lot more important than I knew before, and I guess maybe i was feeling a little important about my own playing, too - you know how you can get sometimes. Those high C's certainly did wow 'em. Man!"

In 1935, the United Hot Clubs of America was launched with six clubs to which musicians could belong for two dollars a year. The original clubs were: New York Hot Club, Yale Hot Club, Chicago Hot Club, Boston Hot Club, Cleveland Hot Club, and Los Angeles Hot Club. In these clubs,  musicians couldjam anything, day or night.

In that spirit, this salute to Louis Armstrong hots up excerpts from "Basin Street Blues," "Lady Be Good," "Tiger Rag," "Clair de Lune," Brahms' Piano Serenade in A-flat major, and "When the Saints go Marching In."

Additional Information:
from the choral suite "Seven Ghosts"