Performed By: Las Cantantes, Bradley Ellingboe, conductor

Today, This Spring (Janice Kimes) She Piped for Us (Charles A. Wilson) If I Can Stop One Heart from Breaking... (Emily Dickinson)

SA chorus, piano

Text: Emily Dickinson, Charles Wilson, Janice Kimes

Duration: 8 min

Commissioned By:
David L. Cooper and Thomas Scott

May 7, 1995 by the Bel Canto Singers, Janice Kimes, conductor, at Trinity Lutheran Church, Arden Hills, MN

Available From:
Oxford University Press, distributed by C.F. Peters

Composer's Notes:
This set of three pieces for treble voices and piano was commissioned by David L. Cooper and Thomas Scott in remembrance of David’s wife and Tom’s sister, both of whom succumbed to breast cancer.  Mr. Cooper and Mr. Scott both have a close and fond association with The Bel Canto Singers of Minneapolis, Minnesota, the ensemble that premiered the work under the direction of Janice Kimes on May 7th, 1995 at Trinity Lutheran Church, Arden Hills, Minnesota.  "She Piped for Us," the second piece of the set, was adapted from a sermon at the memorial service for Kathryn Scott Peterson.  (The first line is adapted from Luke 7.)
— Libby Larsen