I. Grace & Glory (Phillis Wheatley to George Washington) II. Jenny Lind to Harriet Beecher Stowe III. Blinking Pluto (Clyde William Tombaugh) IV. Myself with Wings (Charles A. Lindbergh) V. United Hot Clubs of America (Louis Armstrong)

SATB chorus, soprano solo (from chorus), brass quintet, piano, percussion (suspended cymbal, snare drum, orchestra bells, bass drum, tam-tam (ready), vibraphone, tam-tam (large), ride cymbal, triangle)

Text: 20th c. biographical texts

Duration: 23 minutes

Commissioned By:
The Plymouth Music Series of Minnesota, Musica Sacra New York, and the Los Angeles Master Chorale with funds from the Lila Wallace Readers Digest Consortium Commissioning Program

February 10, 1995 by the Plymouth Music Series, Philip Brunelle, conductor, at the Ordway Music Theater, St. Paul, MN

Available From:
Oxford University Press, distributed by C.F. Peters and Goodmusic Publishing

Composer's Notes:
Seven Ghosts is a six movement work for SATB, brass quintet, piano and percussion about the words and actions of seven people whose lives contributed to changing the heart of our culture.  Each movement of the work centers around original words of each person.  Included are Jenny Lind 's letter to  Harriet Beecher Stowe Uncle Tom's Cabin;  Louis Armstrong's enormous influence on music; Phillis Wheatley's poem to George Washington entreating him to lead the army of the revolution;  astronomer Clyde Thombaugh, who at the age of 23 discovered the planet Pluto making him the only American ever to have discovered a planet;  Charles Lindbergh's  passion for flight;  and Eleanor Roosevelt's nine words: " What one has to do usually can be done."
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Score Errata:
I. m. 65, bass voice: 2nd 18th note of beat 2 should be A
III. m. 19, soprano voice: both Gs should be G#