Performed By: Las Cantantes, Bradley Ellingboe, conductor

SSAA chorus, percussion (tubular bells, suspended cymbal, 5 tom-toms, timpani (30'', 28'', 25'', 23''))

Text: Maria Sabina, trans. Eloina Estrada de Gonzalez, Henry Munn (set in English)

Duration: 7 minutes

Commissioned By:
MUSE: Cincinnati

May 26, 1994 by MUSE: Cincinnatti's Women's Choir, Catherine Roma, conductor, in Cincinnati, OH

Available From:
Oxford University Press, distributed by C.F. Peters

Composer's Notes:
The text for this one movement work for women's voices and percussion is an adaptation of a chant recited at a Mushroom Ceremony of the Mazatec Indians of Mexico. The chant evokes the Divine Spirit with a supplication for healing; in the case of this piece of music, the supplication is for healing and bringing strength to the spirit. I have used a double translation, from the Mazatec to Spanish by Eloina Estrada de Gonzalez and from Spanish to English by Henry Munn. The work was commissioned and premiered by MUSE: Cincinnati's Women's Choir, Catherine Roma, conductor on May 26,1994 at the Northern Kentucky University Greaves Auditorium, Cincinnati, Ohio.
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Additional Information:
Recorded on "I Just Lightning" Las Cantantes, The University of New Mexico Women's Chorus Bradley Ellingboe, conductor Available at libbylarsen.com

Score Errata:
m 25, beat 2, soprano line: bottom note 'dice' should be G-flat, then G-natural as written.