Performed By: The Oregon State University Alumni Choir, Dr. Steven Zielke, conductor

I. I am Speaking to You Now II. It is Just Another Day III. Red and Yellow with a Bell IV. My Wish List V. The War and the Fighting VI. If I were President

SATB chorus, percussion (marimba, vibraphone, hi-hat, ride cymbal, snare drum, marine band C harmonicas, tam-tam (large), 5 tom-toms (high to low), bass drum with foot pedal, chimes: C, G#, G)

Text: Texts selected from "I Dream of Peace: Images of War by Children of Former Yugoslavia," published by UNICEF.

Duration: 16 minutes

June 4, 2005 by the Oregon State University Chamber Choir; Steven Zielke, conductor, at First Congregational Church, Corvallis, OR

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