Performed By: The Singing Sergeants, Paul Hill, conductor

I. The Winner II. Sufi Sam Christian III. Cheap Thrill IV. Love Comes Quietly V. From "Mabel"

SATB chorus, flute, percussion (tom-toms (5), suspended cymbal, orchestra bells, wood block), piano

Text: Robert Creeley

Commissioned By:
Piedmont Chamber Singers, Winston-Salem, North Carolina

1984 by the Piedmont Chamber Singers, Donald Armstage, conductor

Available From:
ECS Publishing, distributed by Canticle Distributing

Composer's Notes:
A Creeley Collection was commissioned and premiered in 1984 by the Piedmont Chamber Singers, Winston-Salem, North Carolina, Donald Armstage, conductor. The texts are drawn from the poetry of Black Mountain poet Robert Creeley. Rather than select poetry concerned around a single theme, the composer has collected a grouping designed to illuminate Creeley’s multifaceted personality. The economical texts range from simple lyric statements — “Love Comes Quietly” —to puckish wit— “Cheap Thrill.”