BALLERINA AND THE CLOWN, THE - SSA chorus, harp; Sally Gall, text; 17 minutes; 2002 (OUP)
EINE KLEINE SNAILMUSIK - SA chorus and contrabass; May Sarton, text; 3 minutes (OUP)
HOW TO SONGS - SSA chorus (children's); Nanao Sakaki and M.K. Dean, text; 5 minutes 30 seconds; 2000 (LLP)
RING THE BELLS - SSA chorus (children), piano; M.K. Dean, text; 2 minutes; 1998 (OUP)
TO SING - SSA chorus, piano; Kasey Zitnik, text; 3 minutes 30 seconds; 2008 (Hal Leonard)
TODAY, THIS SPRING - SA chorus, piano; Emily Dickinson, Charles Wilson, and Jan Kimes, text; 8 minutes; 1995 (OUP)
WE PRAY TO BE AT PEACE - SSAA Chorus and Piano, or optional Oboe, String Quartet, and Suspended Cymbal; 2 minutes 15 seconds; 1992 (ECS)
WOMANLY SONG OF GOD, THE - SSSSAAAA a cappella chorus; Catherine de Vinck, text; 7 minutes; 2003 (OUP)