ALLELUIA - SATB a cappella chorus; 1 minute; 1992 (ECS)
CRY PEACE - SSAATTBB a cappella chorus, text adapted by Libby Larsen; 3 minutes; 2004 (LLP)
DOUBLE JOY - SSAATTBB chorus, handbells, organ; Michael Thwaites, text (adapted); 4 minutes; 1982 (ECS)
ETERNAL RULER OF THE CEASELESS ROUND - SATB chorus, organ; John White Chadwick, text; 4 minutes; 2013 (OUP)
FANFARE AND ALLELUIA - SATB chorus, brass, handbells, chimes, organ; 2 minutes; 1995 (OUP)
FLEE WE TO OUR LORD - SATB a cappella chorus; Julian of Norwich, text; 4 minutes; 2003 (OUP)
GOD AS RIBBON OF LIGHT - SATB chorus, organ; Sr. Mary Virginia Micka, text; 5 minutes; 1993 (ECS)
GOD SO LOVED THE WORLD - SATB a cappella chorus; John 3:16-17, text; 3 minutes 30 seconds; 2005 (OUP)
I AM A LITTLE CHURCH - SATB chorus, organ; E.E. Cummings, text; 4 minutes; 1991 (OUP)
I FIND MY FEET HAVE FURTHER GOALS - SATB a cappella chorus ; Emily Dickinson, text; 4 minutes; 1997 (OUP)
I LIFT MY EYES TO THE HILLS - SATB chorus, handbells, organ; Psalm 121, text; 5 minutes; 2007 (LLP)
I LOVE THE LORD - SATB chorus, organ; Nathan Everett, text; 4 minutes (ECS)
I WILL SING AND RAISE A PSALM - SATB chorus, organ; St. Francis of Assisi, text; 5 minutes; 1995 (OUP)
JESUS, JESUS REST YOUR HEAD - Three- or two-part chorus, solo voice, piano; traditional, text; 4 minutes; 2004 (OUP)
LORD, BEFORE THIS FLEETING SEASON - SATB a cappella chorus; Maryann Jindra, text; 3 minutes; 2000 (OUP)
MOTHER, SISTER, BLESSED, HOLY - (see Missa Gaia: "Kyrie") SATB chorus, four-hand piano; Gerald Manley Hopkins, text; 1992 (ECS)
NOVUM GAUDIUM - SATB a cappella chorus; Ecce Novum Gaudium and Angelus Emittitur, text; 3 minutes; 2007 (LLP)
PEACE, PERFECT PEACE - SATB a cappella chorus; Isaiah 26:3, Edward Bickersteth, text; 2 minutes; 1985 (ECS)
PIED BEAUTY (GLORY BE TO GOD) - (see Missa Gaia: "Gloria") SATB chorus, four-hand piano; Gerald Manley Hopkins, text; 1992 (ECS)
PSALM 121 - SSSAAA a cappella chorus; Psalm 121, Patricia Hennings and John Muir, text; 9 minutes; 2000 (OUP)
SERVANT'S PRAYER - SATB chorus, optional piano; Eric Milner-White, George Wallace Briggs, text; 1 minute 30 seconds; (Neil A. Kjos Music Company)
SIMPLE GLORIA, A - SATB a cappella chorus; M.K. Dean, text; 2 minutes 30 seconds; 2007 (OUP)
WE CELEBRATE - SATB chorus, organ or piano; John Cummins, text; 3 minutes; 1985 (ECS)
WHO CANNOT WEEP, COME LEARN OF ME - SSA chorus, mezzo-soprano, tenor; text from MS 09.38, Trinity College, Cambridge; 6 minutes; 1985 (ECS)