BARNUM'S BIRD - Chamber choral opera in two acts; Bridget Carpenter, libretto; 90 minutes; 2000 (OUP)
CLAIR DE LUNE - Two act chamber opera; Patricia Hampl, libretto; 75 minutes; 1984 (ECS)
DREAMING BLUE - Opera in one act for child actor, SATB soloists, children's chorus, rhythm chorus, and drumming group; 60 minutes; 2002 (OUP)
ERIC HERMANNSON'S SOUL - Full-length Opera with orchestra; Chas Rader-Shieber, libretto; 120 minutes; 1998 (OUP)
EVERY MAN JACK - Chamber opera based on the life of Jack London; Philip Littell, libretto; 120 minutes; 2006 (LLP)
FRANKENSTEIN, OR THE MODERN PROMETHEUS - Full-length music drama; 90 minutes; 1990 (ECS)
MOON DOOR - Full-evening performance with slides, tapes, costumes; 1976 & 1980 (ECS)
MRS. DALLOWAY - Full-length music drama in two acts; Bonnie Grice, libretto; 1993 (ECS)
PICNIC - Opera in three acts based on the play Picnic by Willian Inge; David Holley, libretto; 120 minutes; 2009 (LLP)
SILVER FOX, THE - One act opera for the young; John Olive, libretto; 1979 (ECS)
WRINKLE IN TIME, A - One act opera; Walter Green, libretto; 1991 (ECS)
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