Unless otherwise noted, all responses are directly from Libby Larsen.

On music         

Is it your goal to compose recognizably "American" music? What is the basis for this approach to your music?

What is the importance of rhythm in your music?

What is your "philosophy" of music?

What is your approach to harmony and what techniques do you use?

How would you define sacred music?

Explain your use of electronic sound with acoustic sound. What has led you to do this?


On text-setting         

What is most important to you when setting text to music? What inspires your choice of text?

How do you go about setting a text to music?



What was your first musical experience?

How has your environment, where you spent your childhood, been reflected in your music?

Who were your early music teachers and in what way have they influenced your music?

What leads you to compose artsong?

Who were your primary composition teachers and where? Who else has influenced you and your music?


On career         

Why have you never sought a position at a college or university? Why have you chosen to be an independent artist?

Why do you compose primarily on commission?

How can an emerging composer best get his or her music played and heard?


On being a woman, and a composer             

Why are there so few women composers?

Have you ever found it difficult to be a woman composer in a field traditionally dominated by men?

Are most of your compositions for solo voice for women?

Do you consider yourself a feminist?