Argyle Sketches
Aspects of Glory: Tambourines
Aubade for Flute solo
Barn Dances
Beloved, thou hast brought me many flowers
Big Sister Says, 1967 (A Honky-Tonk) (Love After 1950)
Black Birds, Red Hills
Black Roller
Blond Men (A Torch Song) (Love After 1950)
Blue Third Pieces
Blue Windows: After Marc Chagall
Boy's Lips (A Blues) (Love After 1950)
Canticle of Mary
Canticle of the Sun
Chanting to Paradise: In this short life
Collage - Boogie
Concert Dances
Concerto for Marimba "After Hampton"
Cowboy Songs (3)
Dancing Solo
Dancing Solo (on Licorice Stick CD)
Deep Summer Music
Dreaming Blue
Fantasy on "Slane"
Four Valentines: A Lover's Journey
God So Loved the World
Hey You (Jack's Valentine)
Holy Roller
How Do I Love Thee? (Sonnets From The Portuguese)
How it thrills us
I Just Lightning
I Make My Magic (Isadora's Dance) (Love After 1950)
I Thought Once How Theocritus Had Sung (Sonnets From The Portuguese)
I Will Sing and Raise a Psalm
If I Can Stop One Heart from Breaking
If I Leave All For Thee (Sonnets From The Portuguese)
Kathleen, as She Was (Piano Version)
Late in the Day
Licorice Stick
Love After 1950
Margaret Songs
Mephisto Rag
Missa Gaia "Mass for the Earth"
Missa Gaia "Mass for the Earth": Introit
My Antonía
My Letters! (Sonnets From The Portuguese)
Of Being is a Bird (Of Music)
Oh, Yes! (Sonnets From The Portuguese)
Parachute Dancing
Pieces (3) for Treble Wind and Guitar
Reasons for Loving the Harmonica
Ricochet (Marimba version)
Seven Ghosts
She Piped for Us
Schoenberg, Schenker and Schillinger
Slang (Licorice Stick CD)
So blessedly it sprung
Song Concerto (2010 Version)
Song Without Words
Songs from Letters (Licorice Stick CD)
Songs from Letters
Songs from Letters (Mary Southworth)
Songs of Light and Love
Sonnets From The Portuguese (6)
Sonnets From The Portuguese (piano version)
Stepping Westward
Symphony no 4 for Strings
Symphony no 5 "Solo Symphony"
The Empty Song (A Tango) (Love After 1950)
The Settling Years
Today This Spring
Touch the Air Softly
Try me, Good King "Last Words of the Wives of Henry VII"
Try me, Good King "Last Words of the Wives of Henry VII"
Veni, Creator Spiritus
When I am an old woman 
Witches Trio
With The Same Heart, I Said, I'll Answer Thee (Sonnets From The Portuguese)
Recorded Works