full moon in the city

Track List

  • 1-3.Bassoon Concertino by Augusta Read Thomas
  • 4-6.full moon in the city
  • 7-9.Bassoon Concerto by Russell Platt
  • 10-14.Bassoon Concerto by Peter Schickele


This collection of concertos showcases the musicianship of bassoonist, George Sakakeeney. Two of the concertos were written for him: Peter Schieckele's Concerto for Bassoon and Orchestra (1998) and Libby Larsen's full moon in the city (2013). This album also includes two other concertos not previously recorded. The four concertos showcase Sakakeeney's talents through their diversity of style and emotion. For more information, see the Oberlin's announcement and Cleveland Classical's review.

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George Sakakeeney
Oberlin Contemporary Music Ensemble (Timothy Weiss, conductor)
Oberlin Sinfonietta (Timothy Weiss, conductor)
Oberlin Orchestra (Raphael Jiménez, conductor)