ALASKA SPRING - SATB chorus, string quartet; Tom Sexton, text; 10 minutes 30 seconds; 2011 (LLP)
ALL SHALL BE WELL - SA chorus, soprano recorder, triangle, keyboard; Julian of Norwich, text; 1 minute 30 seconds; 1979 (ECS)
ALLELUIA - SATB a cappella chorus; 1 minute; 1992 (ECS)
AND SPARROWS EVERYWHERE - SATB a cappella chorus; Keith Gunderson, text; 4 minutes; (ECS)
BALLERINA AND THE CLOWN, THE - SSA chorus, harp; Sally Gall, text; 17 minutes; 2002 (OUP)
BLACKBIRD, THE - TTBB chorus, piano; Wallace Stevens, text; 1 minute; 2007 (LLP)
BOOK OF SPELLS, A - SSAA chorus, piano; Z.E. Budapest, text; 5 minutes; 2009 (LLP)
BY A DEPARTING LIGHT - SATB a cappella chorus; Emily Dickinson, text; 9 minutes 30 seconds; 1999 (LLP)
CANTICLE OF MARY - SSA chorus, four-hand piano or chamber orchestra; Luke 1:46-55 translated by the ICEL, text; 9 minutes; 1994 (OUP)
CANTICLE OF THE SUN - SSAAA chorus, finger cymbals, synthesizer, organ; St. Francis of Assisi, text; 11 minutes 30 seconds; 1987 (ECS)
CELEBRATION MASS: CATHOLIC EDITION - Congregation, SATB chorus, organ; traditional Catholic liturgy; 15 minutes; 2011 (LLP)
CELEBRATION MASS: LUTHERAN EDITION - Congregation, SATB chorus, organ, optional handbells, optional brass quartet/quintet, optional timpani; traditional Lutheran liturgy; 15 minutes; 2010 (LLP)
CHAIN OF HOPE - SATB chorus, baritone, actress, piano; various letters and writings regarding Frederick Douglass, text; Libby Larsen, Kathleen Holt, and Jeanne Soderberg, libretto; 15 minutes; 2010 (LLP)
CHORAL WELCOME, A - SSAATTBB chorus, piano or orchestra; G. Galina, text; 1994 (OUP)
CLAIR DE LUNE - TTBB chorus, tenor solo (from chorus); Paul Verlaine, text; 1985 (ECS)
CLAIR DE LUNE IN BLUE - SATB jazz choir, piano; 1986 (ECS)
COME BEFORE WINTER - SSAATTBB chorus, baritone solo (from chorus), orchestra or piano; Arthur Mampel, text; 11 minutes 30 seconds; 2003 (LLP)
COMING FORTH INTO DAY (SYMPHONY NO. 2) - SATB chorus, soprano and baritone solos (from chorus), full orchestra; various texts; 48 minutes; 1986 (ECS)
CONCORD FRAGMENTS - SSAA chorus, oboe, clarinet, piano; Lidian Jackson Emerson, Martha Lawrence Prescott and Melissa Apperson, text; adapted by Libby Larsen; 9 minutes; 2010 (LLP)
CREELEY COLLECTION, A - SATB chorus, flute, percussion, piano; 5 movements; Robert Creeley, text; 1984 (ECS)
CROWDING NORTH - SATB chorus, guitar, flute, oboe, bassoon, string quintet; 12 minutes; 2007 (LLP)
CRY PEACE - SSAATTBB a cappella chorus, text adapted by Libby Larsen; 3 minutes; 2004 (LLP)
DANCE SET - SATB chorus, clarinet, cello, percussion, piano; 8 minutes; 1980 (ECS)
DAY SONG - SSA a cappella chorus; N.F.S. Grundtvig and Libby Larsen, text; 4 minutes; 1999 (OUP)
DECK THE HALLS - TTBB chorus, 5 soloists, piano, handbells; 4 minutes 30 seconds; 1992 (LLP)
DENSITY OF LIGHT - SATB chorus, SA children's chorus, brass; Thomas H. Troeger, text; 11 minutes; 1998 (LLP)
DOUBLE JOY - SSAATTBB chorus, handbells, organ; Michael Thwaites, text (adapted); 4 minutes; 1982 (ECS)
EAGLE POEM - SATB chorus, four-hand piano; Joy Harjo, text; 1992 (ECS)
EINE KLEINE SNAILMUSIK - SA chorus and contrabass; May Sarton, text; 3 minutes (OUP)
ELEANOR ROOSEVELT - 2 sopranos, mezzo-soprano, speaker, SATB chorus, clarinet, violoncello, piano, percussion played by chorus; Sally M. Gall, text; 34 minutes; 1996 (OUP)
ENCIRCLING SKIES - Double chorus, full orchestra, full wind ensemble, 3 marimbas, 3 pianos, sampler; Paul Laurence Dunbar, Robert Herrick,and Mark Jarman, text; 40 minutes; 2009 (LLP)
ETERNAL RULER OF THE CEASELESS ROUND - SATB chorus, organ; John White Chadwick, text; 4 minutes; 2013 (OUP)
EVERYONE SANG - SATB chorus, harp, 2 percussion; Sigfried Sassoon, text; 7 minutes; 1983 (ECS)
FANFARE AND ALLELUIA - SATB chorus, brass, handbells, chimes, organ; 2 minutes; 1995 (OUP)
FLEE WE TO OUR LORD - SATB a cappella chorus; Julian of Norwich, text; 4 minutes; 2003 (OUP)
FOUR MEDITATIONS OF MECHTHILD OF MAGDEBURG - SATB chorus, organ, handbells; Mechthild of Magdeburg, text; 7 minutes 30 seconds; 2007 (LLP)
GARDEN WALL, A - Unison choir, keyboard, Orff instruments, 2 adults and 5 children with speaking roles, congregational singing; 1987 (ECS)
GOD AS RIBBON OF LIGHT - SATB chorus, organ; Sr. Mary Virginia Micka, text; 5 minutes; 1993 (ECS)
GOD SO LOVED THE WORLD - SATB a cappella chorus; John 3:16-17, text; 3 minutes 30 seconds; 2005 (OUP)
HOME - SATB chorus, optional organ; Emily Dickinson, text; 3 minutes 30 seconds; 2013 (LLP)
HOW IT THRILLS US - SATB a cappella chorus; Rainer Marie Rilke, text; 4 minutes 30 seconds; 1990 (ECS)
HOW TO SONGS - SSA chorus (children's); Nanao Sakaki and M.K. Dean, text; 5 minutes 30 seconds; 2000 (LLP)
I AM A LITTLE CHURCH - SATB chorus, organ; E.E. Cummings, text; 4 minutes; 1991 (OUP)
I DREAM OF PEACE - SATB chorus, percussion; texts by children of former Yugoslavia; 16 minutes; 2005 (LLP)
I FIND MY FEET HAVE FURTHER GOALS - SATB a cappella chorus ; Emily Dickinson, text; 4 minutes; 1997 (OUP)
I IT AM: THE SHEWINGS OF JULIAN OF NORWICH - Soprano solo, countertenor solo, baritone solo, SSAATTBB chorus, chamber orchestra; 17 minutes; 2003 (OUP)
I JUST LIGHTNING - SSAA chorus, percussion; Maria Sabina, text; 7 minutes; 1994 (OUP)
I LIFT MY EYES TO THE HILLS - SATB chorus, handbells, organ; Psalm 121, text; 5 minutes; 2007 (LLP)
I LOVE THE LORD - SATB chorus, organ; Nathan Everett, text; 4 minutes (ECS)
I WILL SING AND RAISE A PSALM - SATB chorus, organ; St. Francis of Assisi, text; 5 minutes; 1995 (OUP)
IF I CAN STOP ONE HEART FROM BREAKING - SSA chorus, woodwind quintet, percussion, strings; Emily Dickinson, text; 3 minutes; 2001 (OUP)
IF MUSIC BE THE FOOD OF LOVE - SATB chorus, piano; Henry Heveningham, text; 5 minutes; 2011 (LLP)
IN A WINTER GARDEN - SATB chorus, soprano and tenor solos (from chorus), chamber orchestra; Patricia Hampl, text; 40 minutes; 1982 (ECS)
INVITATION TO MUSIC - SATB chorus, string quintet or string orchestra or piano; Elizabeth Bishop, text; 5 minutes; 1995 (OUP)
IS GOD, OUR ENDLESS DAY - SATB a cappella chorus; Julian of Norwich, text; 3 minutes; 1999 (OUP)
JACK'S VALENTINE - SSAA chorus; Aldeen Humphreys, text; 1 minute, 30 seconds; 2001 (OUP)
JESUS, JESUS REST YOUR HEAD - Three- or two-part chorus, solo voice, piano; traditional, text; 4 minutes; 2004 (OUP)
LITTLE NOTES ON A SIMPLE STAFF - SATB chorus, piano; Siv Cedering, text; 1992 (ECS)
LOOK! BE: LEAP; - SSAA chorus, piano; Muriel Rukeyser text; 2014 (Santa Barbara)
LORD, BEFORE THIS FLEETING SEASON - SATB a cappella chorus; Maryann Jindra, text; 3 minutes; 2000 (OUP)
LOVE SONGS - SATB chorus, piano; based on love poems by American women poets Muriel Rukeyser, Jeanne Shepard, Bessie Smith, Willa Cather, and Angelina Weld Grimke; 18 minutes; 1997 (OUP)
LOVER'S JOURNEY, A - 6-voice male a cappella chorus; James Joyce, William Shakespeare, and Karl Joseph Simrock, text; 12 minutes; 2000 (LLP)
MAY SKY - SSAATTBB a cappella chorus; 5 minutes 30 seconds; 2002 (OUP)
MISSA GAIA: MASS FOR THE EARTH - SATB chorus, soprano solo (from chorus), SSA chorus (optional), oboe, strings, four-hand piano; 35 minutes; 1992 (ECS)
MOTHER, SISTER, BLESSED, HOLY - (see Missa Gaia: "Kyrie") SATB chorus, four-hand piano; Gerald Manley Hopkins, text; 1992 (ECS)
NATUS EST EMMANUEL - SSSAAA a cappella chorus; anonymous text from Piae Cantiones; 3 minutes 30 seconds; 2004 (OUP)
NOTHING THAT IS, THE - SATB chorus, baritone solo (from chorus), 3 speaking voices, chamber ensemble; text adapted by Libby Larsen; 36 minutes; 2004 (OUP)
NOVUM GAUDIUM - SATB a cappella chorus; Ecce Novum Gaudium and Angelus Emittitur, text; 3 minutes; 2007 (LLP)
O MAGNUM MYSTERIUM - SATB chorus; prerecorded seven-track solo voice with sitar, vibraphone, and bells; laptop computer plus speakers; traditional text; 7 minutes; 2011 (LLP)
OF MUSIC - SSAA chorus, four-hand piano; Emily Dickinson, text; 9 minutes; 2006 (LLP)
PEACE, PERFECT PEACE - SATB a cappella chorus; Isaiah 26:3, Edward Bickersteth, text; 2 minutes; 1985 (ECS)
PIED BEAUTY (GLORY BE TO GOD) - (see Missa Gaia: "Gloria") SATB chorus, four-hand piano; Gerald Manley Hopkins, text; 1992 (ECS)
PRAISE ONE - SSAATTBB chorus, SATB chorus favori, orchestra; Psalms 146, 147, 148, and 150 adapted by Libby Larsen, text; 15 minutes; 2004 (OUP)
PSALM 121 - SSSAAA a cappella chorus; Psalm 121, Patricia Hennings and John Muir, text; 9 minutes; 2000 (OUP)
REASONS FOR LOVING THE HARMONICA - SATB chorus, piano; Julie Kane, text; 4 minutes; 1997 (OUP)
REFUGE - SSAA a cappella chorus; Sara Teasdale, text; 5 minutes; 1988 (ECS)
RING THE BELLS - SSA chorus (children), piano; M.K. Dean, text; 2 minutes; 1998 (OUP)
RINGELTANZE - SATB chorus, handbells, string orchestra; medieval French text translated by Libby Larsen; 15 minutes; 1983 (ECS)
SALUTE TO LOUIS ARMSTRONG, A - SSAATTBB chorus, piano; from the choral suite "Seven Ghosts"; Louis Armstrong, text; 1999 (OUP)
SERVANT'S PRAYER - SATB chorus, optional piano; Eric Milner-White, George Wallace Briggs, text; 1 minute 30 seconds; (Neil A. Kjos Music Company)
SETTLING YEARS, THE - SATB chorus, woodwind quintet or SATB chorus, piano; pioneer texts; 11 minutes 30 seconds; 1988 (ECS)
SEVEN GHOSTS - SATB chorus, soprano solo (from chorus), brass quintet, piano, percussion; 20th century biographical texts; 23 minutes; 1995 (OUP)
SHEPHERDS AND THE ANGELS, THE - SATB chorus, soprano and baritone solos (from chorus), organ, brass ensemble; Luke 2:8-20, adapted text from the Bible; 6 minutes; 2004 (LLP)
SIMPLE GLORIA, A - SATB a cappella chorus; M.K. Dean, text; 2 minutes 30 seconds; 2007 (OUP)
SO BLESSEDLY IT SPRUNG - SATB chorus, oboe, viola, harp; 12th century Old English poetry, Adam of St. Victor, text; 8 minutes 30 seconds; 1996 (OUP)
SONG-DANCES TO THE LIGHT - SA chorus, Orff instruments, full orchestra (or piano); texts by young people; 17 minutes; 1994 (OUP)
SONGS OF YOUTH AND PLEASURE - SATB a cappella chorus; Renaissance text; 11 minutes; 1986 (ECS)
STEPPING WESTWARD - SSA chorus, handbells, oboe, marimba; Denise Levertov, text; 1998 (ECS)
SUMMER DAY, THE - SSAA chorus and string quartet; Mary Oliver, text; 5 minutes; 2005 (LLP)
SWEET AND SOUR NURSERY RHYMES - SATB chorus, French horn; Eugene Field and traditional texts; 9 minutes; 1998 (OUP)
THE CHILDREN'S ORCHARD - SATB Chorus; Muriel Rukeyser, text; 6 minutes; 2016 (LLP)
THE LILIES - SSA chorus; Athena Kildegaard, text; 2 minutes; 2016 (LLP)
THREE SUMMER SCENES - SATB chorus, optional women's chorus, full orchestra; William Carlos Williams, Lloyd Frankenburg, and Maurice Lindsay, text; 1988 (ECS)
TO SING - SSA chorus, piano; Kasey Zitnik, text; 3 minutes 30 seconds; 2008 (Hal Leonard)
TODAY, THIS SPRING - SA chorus, piano; Emily Dickinson, Charles Wilson, and Jan Kimes, text; 8 minutes; 1995 (OUP)
TOUCH THE AIR SOFTLY - SSAA a cappella chorus; William Jay Smith, text; 3 minutes 30 seconds; 2000 (LLP)
TOUCH THE AIR SOFTLY MIXED - For SsAaTtBb chorus; text by William Jay Smith; adapted from SSAA version.
WE CELEBRATE - SATB chorus, organ or piano; John Cummins, text; 3 minutes; 1985 (ECS)
WE PRAY TO BE AT PEACE - SSAA Chorus and Piano, or optional Oboe, String Quartet, and Suspended Cymbal; 2 minutes 15 seconds; 1992 (ECS)
WELCOME YULE - TTBB chorus, strings; 1984 (ECS)
WESTERN SONGS - SATB a cappella chorus; American folksong text; 9 minutes; 2005 (OUP)
WHILE WE ARE ON EARTH - SSA chorus; Eleanor Roosevelt, Kahlil Gibran, Mother Teresa, text, Libby Larsen, adaption; 3 minutes 45 seconds; 2015 (LLP)
WHITMAN'S AMERICA - SATB a cappella chorus; Walt Whitman, text; 4 minutes; 2007 (LLP)
WHO CANNOT WEEP, COME LEARN OF ME - SSA chorus, mezzo-soprano, tenor; text from MS 09.38, Trinity College, Cambridge; 6 minutes; 1985 (ECS)
WITCHES' TRIO, THE - SSAA a cappella chorus; William Shakespeare, text; 4 minutes; 2000 (OUP)
WOMANLY SONG OF GOD, THE - SSSSAAAA a cappella chorus; Catherine de Vinck, text; 7 minutes; 2003 (OUP)
YOUNG NUN SINGING, A - SAA a cappella chorus; Anonymous, Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz, and Idea Vilarino, text; 6 minutes 30 seconds; 2003 (OUP)