American Voices
Music for Clarinet, Viola, and Piano

Music by: Kenji Bunch, Anthony Constantino, Michael Kimber, Libby Larsen, and Dana Wilson

Performed by The Warland Ensemble
(Jeremy Reynolds, Hillary Herndon, and Wei-Chun Bernadette Lo)

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Kenji Bunch (b.1973)
Four Flashbacks
I. With bustling energy
II. Gentle
III. Driving
IV. Quiet, calm

Anthony Constantino (b.1995)
Ritural Songs
I. Preludea
II. Lamentation
III. Profanation 

Dana Wilson (b.1946)
A Thousand Whirling Dreams
I. To smash the night...
II. To break this shadow...
III. Into a thousand lights of sun

Michael Kimber (b.1945)
Vanashing Woods

Libby Larsen (b.1950)
I. crazy to be alive in such a strange world
II. ... a man with a mirror for a head...
III. In Paris in a loud, dark winter
IV. It could have been anyplace but it wasn’t It was London
V. ... some sad nude...
VI. ... fifty-one clowns in back all wearing nothing but Stars and Stripes...