180 Degrees From Ordinary / Minnesota Contemporary Ensemble
Includes: Black Roller
Conductor:  Duane Schulthess
Orchestra/Ensemble:  Minnesota Contemporary Ensemble

A Season's Promise / Clurman, New York Concert Singers
Includes: So blessedly it sprung
Performer:  Lois Martin (Viola), Melanie Feld (Oboe), Susan Jolles (Harp) Conductor:  Judith Clurman
Orchestra/Ensemble:  New York Concert Singers

Ah! Love, But A Day - Songs And Spirituals Of American Women
Includes:  Cowboy Songs
Performer:  John O'Brien (Piano), Louise Toppin (Soprano)
America's Millenium Tribute to Adolphe Sax, Volume XI
Includes: Holy Roller
Performer: Stephen Page (Alto Saxophone) and Cameron Hoffman (Piano)

An American Exhibition - Still, Larsen, Et Al / Tse, Nagai
Includes:  Holy Roller
Performer:  Mami Nagai (Piano), Kenneth Tse (Alto Saxophone)
Antara Winds with Joseph Werner, Piano
Includes: Blue Windows: After Marc Chagall
Performer: Antara Winds, Joseph Werner (Piano)
Barn Dances
Includes: Barn Dances
Performer: Shannon Scott (Clarinet), Leonard Garrison (Flute), Jay Mauchley (Piano)

Bernstein: Chichester Psalms; Copland: In The Beginning

Includes: How it thrills us
Conductor:  Stephen Cleobury
Orchestra/Ensemble:  Cambridge King's College Choir

Canyon Echoes - New Music For Flute & Guitar / Duologue
Includes: Blue Third Pieces
Performer:  Jeffrey Van (Guitar), Susan Morris De Jong (Flute)
Orchestra/Ensemble:  Duologue

Celestial Fire / Douglas Cleveland
Includes: Veni, Creator Spiritus
Performer:  Douglas Cleveland (Organ)

Centennial Commissions / UW-Madison School Of Music
Inlcudes: Concert Dances
Conductor:  James Smith
Orchestra/Ensemble:  UW-Madison Symphonic Wind Ensemble

Choral Currents / The Dale Warland Singers
Includes: The Settling Years
Orchestra/Ensemble:  Dale Warland Singers

Copland And His American Contemporaries
Includes:  I Will Sing and Raise a Psalm
Conductor:  Edward Higginbottom
Orchestra/Ensemble:  Oxford New College Choir

Dance Mix / David Zinman, Baltimore Symphony Orchestra
Includes: Collage - Boogie
Conductor:  David Zinman
Orchestra/Ensemble:  Baltimore Symphony Orchestra

Dancing Solo - Libby Larsen
Chris Kachian (Guitar), Caroline Hartig (Clarinet)
Includes: Corker; Blue Third Pieces; Dancing Solo; Song Without Words; Black Birds, Red Hills; Pieces for Treble Wind and Guitar

Dialogues - American Music For Flute And Organ / Marianiello
Includes: Fantasy on "Slane"
Performer:  Linda Ann Marianiello (Flute), Keith Reas (Organ)
Orchestra/Ensemble:  Marianiello-Reas Duo

Emily Dickinson In Song / Dupuy
Includes: Chanting to Paradise: In this short life
Performer:  Virginia Dupuy (Mezzo Soprano), Shields-Collins Bray (Piano)

Fabulous Femmes - Talma, Boulanger, Larsen, Coulthard, Et Al
Includes: Cowboy Songs
Performer:  Nanette McGuiness (Soprano), Sylvie Beaudette (Piano)

Fast Cats And Mysterious Cows - Songs From America
Includes: Reasons for Loving the Harmonica
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Performer:  Matthew Schwinghammer (Piano)
Conductor:  James Litton
Orchestra/Ensemble:  American Boychoir
Five Postcards
Includes: Black Birds, Red Hills
Performer: Anton Miller (Violin), Jeannie Yu (Piano)
Foor on the Floor: Kentucky Center Chamber Players
Includes: Four on the Floor
Performer: Kentucky Center Chamber Players
full moon in the city
Includes: full moon in the city
Performer: George Sakakeeny, Oberlin College Ensembles
Für Wolfgang Amadeus - Crockett, Hartke, Et Al / Los Angeles
Includes: Schoenberg, Schenker and Schillinger by Libby Larsen
Performer:  Roland Kato (Viola), Ralph Morrison (Violin), Patricia Mabee (Synthesizer),
Allan Vogel (Oboe), David Shostac (Flute), Rowena Hammill (Cello)
Conductor:  Donald Crockett
Orchestra/Ensemble:  Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra

Heartbeats - New Songs From Minnesota For The Aids Quilt Songbook
Includes: Perineo by Libby Larsen
Performer:  Bradley Greenwald (Baritone), Tom Linker (Piano) 
Here and Now
Includes: Ricochet (marimba version)
Performer: Zeitgeist

Incantation / Eugenia Zukerman
Includes: Aubade
Performer:  Eugenia Zukerman (Flute)

Journeys - Orchestral Works By American Women /Martin, Et Al
Includes: Parachute Dancing
Conductor:  Carolann Martin
Orchestra/Ensemble:  Bournemouth Sinfonietta

Larsen: Grand Larsen-y / Terry Rhodes
Includes: Beloved, thou hast brought me many flowers; Songs from Letters
Benton Hess (Piano), Terry Rhodes (Soprano)

Larsen: Mass For The Earth / Seeley, Oregon Rep Singers
Includes: Missa Gaia "Mass for the Earth"
Conductor:  Gilbert Seeley
Ensemble: Oregon Repertory Singers

Laureate Series, Organ - Ji-yoen Choi
Includes: Aspects of Glory: Tambourines
Performer:  Ji-yoen Choi (Organ)

Legacy Of The American Woman Composer / Maurer, Martin
Includes: Aubade
Performer:  Laurel Ann Maurer (Flute)

Libby Larsen: Deep Summer Music, Solo Symphony, Etc / Alsop
Deep Summer Music;  Concerto for Marimba "After Hampton"; Symphony no 5 "Solo Symphony"
John Kinzie (Marimba)
Conductor:  Marin Alsop
Orchestra/Ensemble:  Colorado Symphony Orchestra

Libby Larsen: String Symphony No 4, Songs From Letters, Etc
Symphony no 4 for Strings; Songs of Light and Love; Songs from Letters
Benita Valente (Soprano)
Conductor:  Joel Revzen
Orchestra/Ensemble:  Scottish Chamber Orchestra
Lift Me into Heaven Slowly
Cowboy Songs, Songs from Letters, My Antonia, Try Me, Good King
Tracey Engleman (Soprano)
Lara Bolton (Piano)

Making Of A Medium Vol 10 - Beethoven, Etc / Verdehr Trio
Includes:  Slang
Performer:  Elsa Ludewig-Verdehr (Clarinet), Walter Verdehr (Violin), Gary Kirkpatrick (Piano)
Orchestra/Ensemble:  Verdehr Trio
Metamorphosis/Nicolasa Kuster
Includes: Concert Piece for Bassoon and Piano
Performer: Nicolasa Kuster (Bassoon), Sonia Leong (Piano)
Modern Masters - Octarium
Includes: Four Valentines: A Lover's Journey
Performer: Octarium

Music From Luzerne - Barab, Bolcom, Larsen, Previn
Includes: Beloved, thou hast brought me many flowers
Performer:  Theresa Treadway Lloyd (Mezzo Soprano), Toby Blumenthal (Piano), Bert Phillips (Cello)

New American Song Cycles / Paul Sperry, Et Al
Includes: My Antonía
Performer:  Libby Larsen (Piano), Paul Sperry (Tenor)

Red Cedar Collection - American Music For Flute & Guitar
Includes: Blue Third Pieces
Performer:  Jan Boland (Flute), John Dowdall (Guitar)
Silhouettes: New American Music for Guitar
Includes: Argyle Sketches, Sarabande, Tango
Performer: Alejandro Saladin Cote, guitar
Starry Night Project: Music Based on Visual Art
Includes: Black Birds, Red Hills
Performer: Montage Music Society
Includes: Songs from Letters
Performer: Mary Southworth (Soprano), Philip Amalong (Piano)

Synthetic Dances
Includes: Kathleen, as She Was (Piano Version)
Performer: Rebecca Nagel
The Unquiet Heart - American Song Cycles / Emerson, Shrut
Includes: Try me, Good King "Last Words of the Wives of Henry VII"
Performer:  Karen Smith Emerson (Soprano), Arlene Shrut (Piano)

Vitality Begun - Lieder By Women Composers / Stiles, Et Al
Includes: Late in the Day
Performer:  Graham Cox (Piano), Patricia Stiles (Mezzo Soprano)

Women Of Note - Beach, Boulanger, Clarke, Gubaidulina, Et Al
Includes: Sonnets from the Portuguese: no 6, How do I love thee?
Performer:  Arleen Augér (Soprano), Conductor:  Joel Revzen
Missa Gaia "Mass for the Earth": Introit by Libby Larsen
Performer: Oregon Repertory Singers, Conductor:  Gilbert Seeley

Woman Spirit: Songs by Libby Larsen
Includes: Sonnets from the Portuguese, My Antonia, Margaret Songs, Try Me Good King
Performer: Ann Tedards (Soprano), Marva Duerksen (Piano)
Women's Voices - Five Centuries Of Song / Pilgrim, Et Al
Includes: When I am an old woman
Performer:  Neva Pilgrim (Soprano), Steven Heyman (Piano)
Larsen: Album listing