Performed By: Kerry Jennings, tenor; Amanda Hopson, piano

I. Landscape - From the Train II. Antonia III. Landscape II - Winter IV. The Hired Girls V. Landscape III - Prairie Spring VI. Antonia in the Field... VII Landscape IV - Sunset

High voice (soprano or tenor), piano

Text: Willa Cather, Libby Larsen

Duration: 16 minutes 30 seconds

Commissioned By:
Jane Dressler, soprano, Kent State University, with funding from the National Endowment for the Arts, the Ohio Arts Council and the Nebraska Arts Council

June 19, 2000, Brownville, Nebraska; Jane Dressler, soprano; Linda Jones, piano

Available From:
Oxford University Press, Cat. No. #9780193867215, distributed by Goodmusic Publishing.

Composer's Notes:

Score Errata:
I. Landscape - From the Train
- m.23, RH piano: the "and" of beat 1 should be top-space E-flat

III. Landscape II - Winter
- m.18, RH piano: the F should be F#
- m.27, RH piano: place mid-measure treble clef before beat 3, as in m.28

VI. Antonia in the Field
-m.33, RH piano: the G should be Gb